2014 Bug Recognition Ceremony

Bug1bug2Jim Wikander and Sharron Bryan represented South Riverside Kiwanis at a school year-end ceremony at Buckman Elementary School for the BUG (Bringing Up Grades) program. There were 25 kids recognized for measurable improvement in their reading skills. The final analysis of the scoring was not in, but there had been an overall increase in the national testing scores. The teachers and tutors felt the BUG program was of help in bring fun and inspiration to the process.

The kids were awarded with certificates, as well as pizza and ice cream and their choice of a chapter book to take home…all furnished by SRK.

Jim and Sharron will be meeting with Diane Meisenhelter, the SUN  coordinator at Buckman, to reflect, garner her feedback and build a plan for next year .

Update:  July 2014:   (as reported by Reporter Jim Wikander)

Jim Wikander, Vicki Pace and club President Sharron Bryan met with Diane Meisenhelter, SUN Coordinator, to discuss the Kiwanis BUG program and other ways South Riverside Kiwanis might support the Buckman Community through Buckman School initiatives.

The BUG program got a late start last year but Diane felt it was very successful and credits the program for the overall improvement in student testing scores in the Oaks Testing now applied to evaluate Portland students. They had a couple of students that actually tested at a 2-grade improvement over the previous test. Other moderate increases were still impressive, given the level at which the students started. As a result of the testing, Buckman students are categorized as meeting (the criteria) for common course standards, slightly below, moderately below and Red alert below (these are not their actual category labels). The staff has established the Cranium Club, with about 90 students each term (referred to also as the Homework Club – to avoid any stigma associated with being a ‘Special’ ed class). The lower three of the categories falling under the standard are a part of the Cranium Club. Those in the Red Alert group are tutored one on one three times each week.

The BUG program is a tool used to motivate and inspire all of the groups. For this past year South Riverside provided money for an end of year Pizza Party, where certificates and books were presented to 17 students who achieved significant improvement.

We were looking for reward suggestions to increase the positive impact of the Bug program for next year. The list that we came up with:

  1. End of Year bowling party w/pizza or maybe Put-Put golf incentives during the year – perhaps quarterly with Regal Movie Tickets, or Movie Madness coupons
  2.  Incentives during the year – perhaps quarterly with Regal Movie Tickets, or Movie Madness coupons
  3.  Stamps with Bugs from the Bug program to stamp Homework completed successfully
  4.  Penny Arcade coupons.
  5. Anything related to art (sketch books, colored pencils.

Vick Pace discussed her vast inventory of some 600 items that she accumulated for another Kiwanis project (White Shield Home). These are items gathered as gifts for teen age children. After looking over the inventory, it was determined that they could be utilized to a great benefit for students and as working tools for the staff (pencils, pads, etc.)

We spent some time brain-storming how South Riverside could be involved in “fun” things that would bring students and their families together in a Buckman presentation. It was recognized that we covered a lot of territory at this first meeting. After further research we will meet again.

Thank you!

On behalf of South Riverside and Ross Island Earlyrisers Kiwanis, we would like to thank everyone who came to support our Tree Sale this past weekend. Your support will always have a positive impact to the Kiwanis organization!

Tree Sale: May 3-4 from 10:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

KiwanisTreeSaleWe are having a special Tree Sale!!

We will have about 400 trees, which is our largest fundraiser of the year.  Choose from a large variety of fruit, flowering, shade trees and lilac bushes ranging from 4 to 8 ft, pricing between $10 to $20.  Get yours just in time for Spring planting!

All trees are from 3-5 years old, barefoot and ready to be a part of your yard! All proceeds will be going to help kids programs such as Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp, Cleveland HS Key Club, Kiwanis Doernbecher Children’s Cancer Program and other kid related programs.

Visit our special Facebook page for more information!

South Riverside Musical Revue Enters 34th Year

In an age, where change is constant, there are still traditions that continue to thrive and one of those is the South Riverside Musical Revue – now entering its 34th year of entertaining seniors of our community,

South Riverside Musical Revue Show Cast & CrewThe South Riverside Revue has been performing at senior facilities throughout the Portland metro area since 1980.  Their one-hour and a half song and dance “lip synch”performance, which incorporates tunes from the Thirties, Forties, Fifties and Sixties is a favorite among facility residents.  Often residents proclaim that the South Riverside Revue was “the best entertainment we have had all year” World War II vets love the reminiscent sounds of the Andrews sisters boogying to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, while younger residents enjoy the jazzy sounds of the Manhattan Transfer.  Often they think we are so good that they fail to recognize that we are utilizing the art of lip synching 🙂  “You all have such good voices” they exclaim.

The South Riverside Revue has a cast and crew of approximately 18 members who bring their own backdrop, lighting and sound system, not to mention their numerous costume changes.  From the opening number to the MC that keeps the show humming along to the finale, the show has the feel of a truly professional production.

There is no charge for us to come to your facility to perform, however, they do gratefully accept any and all donotions, enabling the show to continue  another year.

To schedule a show please contact Cam Thompson at 503-620-4741

Shows are normally scheduled on a first come basis for the 3rd Thursday of each month with the show beginning at 7:00pm.

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Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp Highlights Why We Are Kiwanians

Have you ever wondered why someone would join Kiwanis?  For those within Oregon, or the Portland metro area, one has to look no farther than such places as the Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp.  As you head up the mountain to perhaps do some skiing or snowboarding, you most likely have seen, off to your left, just as you start to make that last climb up to Government Camp, the small sign that reads “Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp.”  Each summer, over 500 kids and adults with  various disabilities gather for a week to enjoy the outdoor activities we all enjoy, with the support of a large staff of dedicated students, generally from Portland State.  Here is a summary of the highlights of 2011 as  prepared for a recent newsletter from the camp:

“Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp registration began this week, and it marked the start of our 2012 year.  While we are in this transition week, we wanted to reflect on the remarkable year that we just experienced.

 “The success of 2011 would not have been possible without your financial support, hours of volunteer service, and help in spreading the word about MHKC. Thank you!

 Here are a few of our 2011 highlights:

  • We served 510 campers with cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorder, seizure disorders, Down syndrome, traumatic brain injuries, and other developmental disabilities.
  • MHKC served campers from 107 different cities in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, California, Hawaii, and Idaho.
  • 197 Portland State University students worked as volunteer counselors for two weeks, acting as a single camper’s sole caregiver for their week at camp.
  • We hired 71 special educators, graduate students, and health & human service professionals to work in the 2011 summer camp season.
  • We awarded 63 “camperships,” which provided $17,550 of financial assistance to qualifying camper families.
  • Volunteers gave over 5,443 hours of their time: as counselors, at work parties, working at the camp office, and volunteering at special events.
  • 26 organizations enjoyed the camp in the off season as a retreat.
  • This year’s MHKC annual benefit dinner and auction,  The Mad Hatter’s Ball raised over $190,000 ($65,000 more than 2010) to support our award winning camp programs.
  • We had around 475 attendants (up from 350 last year), and raised $57,500 in sponsorships ($24,500 more than last year).
  • This year’s special appeal raised $68,000, ($33,000 MORE than 2010).
  • We were ranked one of the 100 Best Nonprofits to work for in the state of Oregon. (We were the #4 best small nonprofit).
  • Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp was part of the 2011 nationwide spring Facebook Chase Community Giving Campaign.  MHKC won by popular vote in each of the three rounds, gathering support from Portland community leaders and businesses. After being flown to Los Angeles to present to Chase and Facebook executives and Hollywood celebrities like Eva Longoria, Matthew McConaughey, David Robinson and Kristen Bell, MHKC ended up winning a total of $88,000.
  • We broke further into the Social Media scene. Over 1,015 people are following MHKC on Facebook, and this year, we became an active user of Twitter.  Famous actress Kristen Bell “tweeted” about MHKC to her 448,321 followers.
  •  The 2011 Walk, Roll or Stroll had over 250 walkers and volunteers, and we raised almost $33,000. 
  • We applied to and were awarded $15,000 from the Nike Employee Grant Fund to make significant updates and additions to our challenging and fully accessible ropes course elements.
  • With all of this success, we overcame the deficits the camp has labored under the past two years, and finished our 2011 fiscal year at breakeven.

Despite the challenges that the 2011 economy presented, this was a year of tremendous growth for Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp.  From serving our campers, to gaining nationwide visibility, we are proud of our accomplishments and thankful for all of your loyal and continued support.


  • We plan to begin researching and piloting new program ideas to expand the numbers of people with disabilities we can serve year round.
  • We will be working with the Forest Service to develop a new 10 year master plan to guide changes to our campsite and possible new buildings over the next decade.
  • We intend to continue aggressively pursuing fundraising opportunities to stabilize and create sustainability in our nearly $2 million budget.

We thank you for your continued support and we look forward to 2012.”


South Riverside Kiwanis Reaching out to Facebook Fans

Have you ever had the late-night, or perhaps even mid-day thought in your head that goes something like “I really want to volunteer for something – just not sure what”?

Being such a vibrant community, Portland has a multitude of opportunities to put our energy to good use for other’s benefit, as well as our own.  The Kiwanis Club of South Riverside wants to make sure you are fully aware of some of those opportunities to help out all ages, from kids to seniors.  We often run across people, including many of our Facebook friends who ask us, “Just what does Kiwanis do?”

Since many within our community use Facebook, we finally came to the realization that there is perhaps no better way to keep you in touch with what we do as an organization and as a club than by keeping you updated in pictures and words via our Facebook fan page.   Of course our hope is that you will be inspired to join us as we either read to children through the Smart Reading Program,  entertain seniors in Assisted Living and Retirement Communities through our South Riverside Revue, or as we serve at an aid station for the Portland Marathon.

Click on the picture above (or here) and follow us on Facebook or better yet, come and visit us at one of our monthly meetings.  We will even buy you lunch.

A Unique 3-2-1 Club Focused on Community Service, Fun & Limited Meetings

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